Our Mission.

And what we believe.

Our mission is to make education and employment more accessible, practical and passion-based.

There are two crises colliding right now that are hurting a lot of people: the student debt crisis, and the skilled worker crisis.

Student Debt Crisis.
Last year was a record year of student debt ($1.3 Trillion). On average, college students amass about $30,000 in debt, and spend decades trying to pay them off. Many people are never able to pay it off, as 60% of people who own that debt have a net worth of under $10,000. The cost of higher education has increased over 500% in the last 30 years making right now the most expensive time in history to get a college degree.

And the crazy part is, for a lot of people, spending all that money does NOT lead to a job. 80% of college grads did not have a job at graduation last year. And millions more were ‘underemployed - meaning they took jobs below the expectations of their high-cost degree.

We believe we can do better. We believe education should not come at such a burdensome cost. We believe student debt stinks, and student loans have awful terms. And most importantly, we believe that higher education should, first and foremost, lead to employment. If it doesn’t, then something is broken. We believe we can help create a solution.

Skilled Worker Crisis.
Now, although 4 out of 5 college grads are unemployed at graduation, ironically, employers are in dire need of skilled talent. In fact, there have never been more open jobs in U.S. history, with nearly 6 million openings across dozens of industries in early 2017. The issue? Only 20% of applicants have the skills needed to get those open jobs. And what’s worse, those who do end up getting jobs aren’t ready for them. Nearly 90% of employers believe that college doesn’t adequately prepare students for the workforce. And all that training and retraining, firing and rehiring, and swinging and missing cost companies a ton of time, money and resources. It just doesn’t make any sense.

We believe that passion and skills are more indicative to professional success than grades and degrees. We believe that hands-on experience is more powerful - and more rewarding - than hours logged in classrooms. We believe that employers should influence and create curriculums because they’re the ones doing the hiring. And we believe we shouldn’t continue to rely on a system that isn’t working - that’s the definition of insanity.

We need a new path for learning. One that starts with what you’re passionate about, and ends with a job that you love. An experiential, employment-driven path. Our team is working every single day (and night) to build it. And with your help, we know that we will.

Thank you.